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The notion of research and invention and reasoning being used as a way of religious worship is quite fascinating to me. I sort of figured something like the Da’at Yichud must be the twist in this game but the philosophy itself is quite uniquely beautiful to me.

Spoilers for the game in the video.


Case closed. [@neiltyson]


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Why don’t scientists go into law? Why don’t we have more pediatricians in plumbing? Let’s get some landscapers working on hybrid cars

People who study law working in professions that pass laws?!?!?! Shocking.

I swear to God this guy is an idiot. How can a person so smart be so dumb? Seriously.

Not to mention he is flat out wrong. There are a considerable number of doctors, academics, and other professions in congress but he chooses to ignore that as it invalidates his “point”. Yes most congressmen are lawyers and businessmen, but not all. 


People… Neil Tyson is many things but an idiot is not one of them. I don’t know the context of the interview but I will wager he is referring to the chronic scientific illiteracy that is endemic in the US congress and political scene. You know, those guys who 10 years ago had a board of scientists and engineers tasket with giving objective input on matters of science to the policy bureaus… and who cut the funding from that board so that for the past 10 years there is little scientific authority in the US decision making process.

Because in the USA, being in line with your party’s position and with your constituents’ religious ideology is more important than having some actual peer-reviewed facts backing up your laws.

It’s the reason why everything is going so poorly. There are studies everywhere describing solutions to gun violence, the vaccine problem (and how they 100% do NOT cause autism ffs), climate change and a million other matters. And where other nations take these into consideration the US is like “nah, lobbyists are right”

I will end this by mentioning that the futurists of the early 20th century (Tesla, Wells, etc) saw the hopeful, utopic future as being under the leadership of scientifically literate specialists.

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Does anyone here get the European equivalent of those “America fuck yeah” moments?

Because it occurs to me just how much I like the old world with its many languages and cultures and history


i swear to god, the writing in these games

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i swear to god, the writing in these games

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Do you take requests? If you do, and you have time, and you feel like it, I would love to see Mairon/Sauron doing smith work or being an inventor... I love your art so much!



Thanks for your message!!

Yes! ^^

He looks good in apron. XD

For a sec I thought he was wearing a cute lolita dress and I was thinking “Uwaa, kawaii smithing Mairon~” UwU



Yeah so recently I got 200 followers and I know that is not a lot but I did not even think I would get 100, so here is a small give away!

What you win

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But yeah, I know it is silly but THANK YOU for following me C:

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☆  heavenlyeros’  ☆  artsy  ☆  giveaway  ☆

I’m hosting this giveaway to show how thankful and honoured I am for the 115 incredible people following me. The rules are really simple:

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There will be 2 winners. Each will receive a drawing made to their specification - basically, you choose the characters, the style, the technique, the colours. Whatever you want! I will not do anything NSFW and each drawing is limited to 2 characters, but other than that you can go wild with it.

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So today I reached a very huge and kind of unbelievable follower milestone and to celebrate that as well as the release of The Battle of the Five Armies I have decided that it is high time that I do a give away to show you guys how much I love and appreciate you all! I’ve been wanting to do this for the longest time and now I finally have enough money saved up to make this a gooden!

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This will stay open until December 1st 2014 and the winner will be contacted December 2nd. Good luck and have fun my pretties!

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Romantic Mermaid Wavy Brown Wig

Flower Crowns

**All clothing fits sizes Small-Medium and some are Freesize!


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i’ve finally reached the beautiful number of 4000, 4000 of you amazing human beings! i never would have imagined i’d get this far, and to celebrate i’m holding yet another giveaway. though this time it’s a bit different. i will select three winners, generated randomly and send all of them the four prints featured above. the first winner will also recieve a full painting comission in the same style as featured in the prints. 

full size prints in order1 2 3 4


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i have not printed them out yet, but i will make sure to have them in the highest quality possible, all of them about the size of an A4. i’ll probably post more updates about this during the giveaway. i suspect they will be of a thicker, matted paper type and not a shiny one. i will secure the packages the best i can before sending them, but i won’t be responsible if they would somehow get damaged during the shipping. 

i’ll send them out as soon as i’ve got everyone’s adress, which shouldn’t be long after the ending of the giveaway. the first winner will also recieve a full painting comission, but that picture will only be sent through e-mail.

if you got any questions don’t hesitate to send me an ask! GOOD LUCK!

three days away :——)))))

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me: *excitedly orders platter-shwarma*
me: *realizes too late that it is huge*
me: *eats it because it is tasty and was not inexpensive*
me: *spends the next 47 years in siesta*